International Bat Night

Bat workers around the world dedicate their time and effort to the conservation of bats, quietly in the night. The International Bat Night livestream has been created to showcase all those incredible people and their fabulous work.



Bat night was awesome Nils well done to you for putting all together it was a great flow. Awesome content the Contributions worldwide



Thank you SO much for all of your hard work organizing such a fabulous program!



Thank you for having us and well done on such a mammoth event!


Want to be part of this incredible event? Here's how:



You submit a video of your work with bats or go live with us and show us bats in the field or a presentation. You don't have to be a professional or have a degree to contribute. A passion for bats is all you need! As decided by the audience last year, you will become a member of the Battalion.



International Bat Night is an incredibly complicated event to host. That is why we're looking for help to coordinate contributions per continent. We're looking for one person in Africa and one in Oceania. You are welcome to bring in your own ideas and invite potential contributors.

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This free livestream attracts a large audience from all around the world, making it the perfect platform to avertise relevant products. As this is a free outreach event, the sponsorship opportunities are limited in numbers.

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