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At Barbastella Echology, we focus on helping you understanding the dark art of bat sound analysis.

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About Nils Bouillard

Nils, a Belgian ecologist, fell in love with bats after participating in a local bat survey. Nils's passion led him to travel to all continents and see 400 species of bats, making sound recordings of over 250 species. He shares his experiences through talks, livestreams, and training on bats, particularly acoustics.  His company, Barbastella Ecology, combines his passions of acoustics, technology, training, and outreach.


Bat sound analysis

Using advanced techniques to accurately identify and analyze bat calls, we provide critical information for conservation and research efforts. Contact us today to learn more about our bat sound analysis services.

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Learn the science behind bat sound analysis and gain the skills to make a difference in protecting these important species. Sign up for our comprehensive bat sound analysis courses today

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Professor Charles Hood

Nils combines an encyclopedic knowledge of bats and their ecology with professionalism and a powerful work ethic. He not only helped me out with material from Oman and the United Arab Emirates, but he made me eager to collaborate with him in the future.


Anna-Lena Hendel (Uni Freiburg)

During the intensive course on bat bioacoustics with Nils Bouillard at our university, we particularly liked the mix of input sessions and live demonstrations of bat recording analysis. The course helped us a lot in gaining confidence and identifying bat species more efficiently. Despite the different levels of experience and backgrounds we brought with us, he managed to pick us up and have fun going through and
discussing numerous example recordings.


Patrice Dubus

The experience and passion Nils shares is a really invaluable addition, as it provides practical ways to ensure you get optimal recordings whatever your equipment is, and to assess which information can lead to a specific identification with many examples.
Recognising the limitations of recordings in some cases, which would lead to a broader, but more reliable identification is also a proof of the value of what Nils teaches.


Bats have a lot to tell us about our world, and I'm all ears! Through my research, I hope to shed light on their mysterious lives and the important role they play in our ecosystems. Current projects are taking place in Europe, Western Asia and Peru.

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Maximise the impact of your work with personalised advice tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need help designing a research project using bat acoustics or creating an impactful ecological assessment, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

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