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At Barbastella Echology, we focus on helping you understanding the dark art of bat sound analysis.

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Bat sound analysis

We can provide support for your bat sound analysis work, from recording to processing and identification. Whatever the goal is, from ecological impact assessments to research papers, we can tailor our approach accordingly. We offer sound analysis services globally.



We can train you and your team to improve your bat sound analysis skills. We also offer regular courses on various related topics. Nils' experience with bat acoustics from all continents gives him a unique perspective on how to learn about this 'dark art'. Get in touch to have a chat about your training needs.



Inspired by the Big Bat Year, a world tour in 2019 when Nils set a world record of 400 bat species seen in one year, Barbastella Echology continues to undertake research all around the world with ongoing projects in Peru, Western Asia and Seychelles with many more to come in the future.


"Nils combines an encyclopedic knowledge of bats and their ecology with professionalism and a powerful work ethic. He not only helped me out with material from Oman and the United Arab Emirates, but he made me eager to collaborate with him in the future."

Professor Charles Hood


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